Silvana Taffo
Fitness Director, Group Class Coordinator

Silvana Taffo has been a fitness expert over 25 years in addition she also has been a certified O.S.A coach for the past 10 years. As a mother of four, she inspires to encourage and motivate her client and members to achieve their personal best and potentially help them achieve their fitness goals quicker.

Silvana Credentials are many. She is glorified with F.I.S Group fitness training, spinning Instructor, boxing, turbo kick ,Yoga, stability ball, kids fitness, nutrition, sports specific training, muscle conditioning, boot camp TRX, first aid and CPR.

One of Silvana’s accomplishments was runner up in the 2006 MS fitness Canada competition. With that experience, she was able to share her skills and knowledge of fitness by becoming a judge and educator the following year for athletes like herself. Highly completive rep soccer has become her passion which can be credited to her soccer kids. She works together with technical director and other coaches to implement fitness in their daily sessions.

Mission Statement is to empower her clients mentally and physically through motivation education and inspiration.

“If I fall I will get back up if I’m beaten I will return”

Phone:(905) 760 - 2220