- Executive Fitness Team -

Welcome to Group fitness- we at Executive Fitness believe that fitness is for everybody- regardless whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or training for the next triathlon.

Our range of cardio, weight based and mind-body workout cater to all your fitness needs and times to suit your schedule.

This is also why we created a wide variety of classes. With over 50 to choose from every week, we are confident you will find the rhythm that works for you. These include:

  •  Zumba
  •  360 Core
  •  Interval Training
  •  Below the Belt
  •  Femme Fit Boot Camp
  •  Yoga and Pilates
  •  Muscle Max
  •  Cardio Mash-up

Working out alone can sometimes get boring and static, especially if you are doing the same workouts over and over! Motivation is easy when you are surrounded by other women who are there for the same reasons as you – to get fit and have fun doing it! You’ll always be motivated when working out with others and an instructor to keep you going.

Each of our instructors are passionate about health and fitness and are here to make your workout FUN and effective!

View and print our class descriptions HERE