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Just Believe It!

- Executive Fitness Team -

What is the benefit of having a Personal Trainer?

How about reaching your targeted goals more quickly, saving time and having more fun? It is a common tendency to use only a few pieces of fitness equipment—the ones that make us feel most comfortable—and to follow the same program without achieving real results. At Executive Fitness, you will enjoy the variety of a customized personal program that effectively combines strength training, using circuit and free weights and adding cardio and small apparatus equipment to your routine.

As such a diverse and multi-faceted fitness facility, we pride ourselves in building the best possible team of fitness and health professionals. You can be assured that we will find a trainer that suits your needs, your schedule, and your fitness level.

  • Get ahead of the game:

    Preparing your body for a specific sport allows you to maximize your performance and safe enjoyment of it. Many of our trainers specialize in sports conditioning to help you achieve your best in any sport you choose to do.

  • Succeed inside and outside the club:

    By working with you to set your individual goals, our trainers will focus on activities for the mind and body.

  • Benefit from accountability:

    Our trainers are committed to helping you achieve what you desire from your fitness program and to providing you with the right amount of encouragement, challenge, motivation and inspiration. When you meet regularly with a trainer, you will benefit from individual attention and the accountability that comes from someone who has your goals in mind.

Our Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, Vasanth Rajan, oversees all personal training activities. We will conduct a free body composition analysis and fitness assessment for anyone interested in personal training, membership options, or simply to find out where you are starting!

Services Offered:

One on One: Trainer with 1 client. As personal as training can get!

One on Two: Train with a friend or family member. Motivate each other and progress together!

Group Personal Training: Max of 12 people