- Executive Fitness Team -

Executive Fitness….FOR WOMEN!

At Executive Fitness for women, we understand that co-ed facilities are not within everyone’s comfort zone. This is why we created a sectioned off private gym, strictly for women to enjoy. Our women’s gym is complete with cardio equipment, weight machines, and a range of free weights.

Additionally, Executive Fitness is taking the extra step to assure our members comfort levels and needs are met – so we have a wide range of women’s only fitness classes. These classes range from yoga, Pilates, boot camp, core training, Zumba, and a variety of muscle toning and weight loss cardio classes.

Each class caters to members of all ages and levels – it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner in your healthy lifestyle or advanced in training; our classes are created for all levels. You decide the weight you want and push your body to where you are comfortable.

The instructors are all female, apart from a few select classes, which are listed in the group class schedule. Download your PDF file and print it now – please note that we do update and change our schedule on a monthly basis, depending on the season or instructor availability. Please check back regularly and the beginning of each month to make sure your copy is up to date!